Increase Technology Opening to the Outside World and Integrate Innovation Resources on a Global Scale (I)

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that science and technology are world-wide and contemporary, and that the development of science and technology must have a global perspective. Independent innovation is an innovation in the open environment. It must not be closed to the door, but to gather the strength of the four seas and borrow the power of the eight parties. It is necessary to deepen international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, promote independent innovation at a higher starting point, actively deploy and actively utilize international innovation resources, and strive to build a cooperative and win-win partnership to jointly cope with future development, food security, energy security, human health, and climate change. When human beings jointly challenge and realize their own development, they will benefit other countries and people and promote balanced development on a global scale. The party and the state have always attached great importance to the opening up of science and technology and attached great importance to the important role of scientific and technological innovation in revolution,galvanized steel tubing suppliers construction and reform. General Secretary Xi Jinping is a deep insight into the world’s development trend, indicating that China is willing to promote the flow of global innovation resources with an open attitude and to promote the development of China while also feeding back the international community.

Participate in rulemaking and enhance openness

Since the reform and opening up in 1978, China’s science and technology has begun to accelerate the pace of opening up to the outside world. Due to its relatively low level, it has become more passive in international scientific and technological cooperation. As a latecomer and follower of modern technology, China has been in a disadvantageous position for the integration of innovation resources for a long time, and has to abide by some rules formulated by developed countries. The “market-for-technology” strategy has not achieved substance. effect.

There is a certain correlation between the ability of science and technology to open up to the outside world and the level of technological development. Generally speaking, the higher the level of science and technology in a country, the less it is afraid of the opening up of science and technology. Because of the leading and mastering rules, it’s ensure that it can get the most benefits. If a country has a low level of science and technology, it is also willing to open up to the outside world. By generating spillover effects by attracting investment, we can bridge the gap as soon as possible and improve our own technology. Only when the level of science and technology in a certain field between countries is high and close, can it be more manifested as prevention and competition.


In recent years, with the improvement of the level of science and technology, China has paid more and more attention to the capacity building of science and technology opening up. But opening up is only the first step, and more importantly, it has the ability to control openness.

About American Food Culture, How Many Do You Know? (I)

If you want to learn about a country’s food culture, you must look at the history of the country as well as geography and customs. Let’s see the American diet, and what is the customs of the United States. There are two important factors in the formation and development of a national ethnic food culture. One is the local factor and the other is the diversity human factors. We all know that the most common foods Americans eat on a daily basis are burgers, fried chicken, pizza, noodles with sauce, burritos, sandwiches, hot dogs, and French fries. These are actually some of the foods from Western European countries. Steaks, lamb chops, pork chops,square steel tubing and the earliest inventions of Americans, so many people think that this is not really American food. So what can be considered true? What about American food?

We all know that American cooking was very underdeveloped in the early days. There are three reasons for his backwardness in cooking. The first is that the length of history and culture and this depth are not enough. Since the United States become a very independent country has only a history of more than 230 years. It has only 50 or 60 years of history in the now rich countries after the Second World War. The original Indians will not find delicious food, because they eat only in order to survive, of course cannot to create a national dish. We will see that the spiritual establishment and national sentiments of the United States are too conservative. By the 17th century, the Muslims of the United Kingdom were propagating Christianity in order to promote the freedom of religion. There was a special feeling for the pursuit of food. The third is that there is no promotion and encouragement of the royal family of the palace. Therefore, it is said that in the culture of this diet, it is not promoted. They are not like our China to compete for the emperor’s favorite to cater to the emperor to do all kinds of Food, we may not have heard the president who like eating in the United States!

In terms of their formation and their own characteristics, they are influenced by the early immigrants. The traditional American cuisine is like the traditional American Yankee. It is characterized by being rough and dependent on the condiment to improve the flavor of the dishes, they are not too tempted to simmer slowly, except for a small part of the food, there is not much delicious fancy decoration, you can eat the food what on the plate. We all know that the food in the United States is basically abide by this regular. The most important thing is beef, the second one is chicken and fish. The third are pork, mutton and shrimp, and the fourth is bread and potato, corn and vegetables. Americans have a fast speed life, so fast food is their usual routine. In fast food, hot dogs are a very common kind of food, and more than 10 billion hot dogs are consumed every year in the United States.

Development of Web And Computer Application In China(I)

Nowadays, network, computer and various software applications have become indispensable in our life. It improves our work efficiency, reduces the staff’s work fatigue, and is also widely used in life. Of course, the speed of China’s development in this area is amazing. Let us take a look at the current situation of China.


China sees the booming copyright registration of applications

According to a newspaper report on Wednesday, square steel tubing for sale more than 1.1 million people in China registered computer software copyright in 2018, an increase of 48.22% over the same period last year.


China Press Publication Radio and Television quoted statistics from the State Copyright Administration as saying that the number of copyright registrations of applications increased 76.29% year on year last year.


The registrations of AI software and big data related software increased by 104.02% and 64.27% respectively. The most registered areas of software copyright include Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu. According to the report, Guangdong accounts for more than 24% of the country’s registered population.


Why is fetal education important?(II)

Prenatal education in a narrow sense

It refers to according to the actual situation of the development of fetal sensory organs, actively and actively give appropriate and reasonable information stimulation, so that the fetus can establish conditioned reflex, and then promote the maturity of its brain function, somatic motor function, sensory function and nervous system function. In other words, fetal education in a narrow sense is to scientifically provide visual, auditory and tactile education, such as music, dialogue, beating and touching, at all times of fetal development, so as to continuously proliferate fetal brain neurons, rationally develop and train the functions of nervous system and organs,square steel tubing  so as to maximize the intellectual potential of the fetus and achieve the goal of improving human factors. Qualitative purpose. In this sense, the narrow sense of fetal education can also be called “direct fetal education”.

Correct understand about antenatal training

So fetal education is a practical and concrete measure combining clinical eugenics with environmental eugenics.


It used to be wrong to think that a fetus would lie quietly in its mother’s womb and sleep until delivery.


Modern medical research believes that the fetus has a weird potential ability, and the implementation of fetal education to develop this ability has attracted more and more attention. The fetus has complex physiological reflex function from the 5th week, and has formed sensory and tactile function at the 10th week. At about 17 weeks, the fetus begins to respond to sound. At 30 weeks, he / she has auditory, taste, olfactory and visual functions. fetus can hear the mother’s heartbeat and external voice.

Ranking of Scientific and Technological Products(II)

Reinforcement learning

The name “reinforcement learning” is very frightening, right? In fact, it is to help computers find a good learning direction in machine learning.

Comment: Reinforcement learning is not a new concept, but a part of machine learning. But in the past, due to the overall level of machine learning is not high enough, people pay little attention to it.square steel tubing


With the deepening of machine learning, reinforcement learning technology has come into use. It can make machine learning itself more effective and use less data.


Google’s Alpha Go currently uses this technology with obvious results. It is estimated that in a year or two, all AI companies will use reinforcement learning.

Famous Hotels In Logs Angeles(II)

Sheraton Universal Hotel

Sheraton Universal Hotel is located behind the famous Hollywood Universal Studios and is famous for its “star’s favorite hotel”. Free trams connect the hotel to the studio and the Universal Pedestrian Street,square steel tubing  making it easier for booked guests not only to quickly reach exciting theme parks, but also to visit many famous scenic spots in Southern California. The hotel has 16 rooms with different functions, with a total area of 27.87 million square meters. Sheraton Universal Hotel can hold small meetings in private conference rooms or large banquets in spacious banquet halls.

Some Economic Laws You Must Know(II)

Washington Company Law

Washington Company Law means that one person is perfunctory, two people are mutually making excuses, and three people together are never successful. It shows that cooperation between people is not a simple addition of human resources, but a much more complex and subtle here

Washington Company Law affects group relations and reduces organizational effectiveness. To break the Washington Company Law: we must clarify the division of labor among members and implement their responsibilities in order to reduce the ‘bystander effect’; adopt incentive mechanism and implement target management to avoid social inertia; pay attention to quality structure and organizational communication to reduce internal friction.2.5 inch stainless steel pipe

A zero-sum game

Zero-sum game refers to a game in which the player wins or loses. One side wins and the other loses. The total score of the game is always zero. The reason why Zero-sum game principle is widely concerned, is that people can find a situation similar to “zero-sum game” in all aspects of society. Behind the glory of the winners, the bitterness of the losers often is hidden.

In the actual trend of financial market operation, the whole process of ‘ideal zero-sum game’ is close to a semi-circle. Of course, the so-called semi-circle is related to the numerical unit of coordinates formulated by the observer. If the time unit is compressed substantially, the semi-circle looks like a parabola; if the time unit is expanded substantially, the route looks like a flat arc.

‘Ideal zero-sum game’, from the perspective of the evolution of financial trends, will eventually constitute the core factor. Researchers of chaotic economics have been hoping to find the “chaotic factor” that dominates the fate of the world in the securities market. In fact, the “chaotic factor” of all financial markets is such an ideal zero-sum game semi-circle.

Steel Structure Is Important For Prime Building Application(I)

Steel structure widely applies for house construction, basic facilities building and so on. It is important because its good features such as durability, resistance of corrosion, resistance of acid, good strength and excellent tensibility and stretchability. Now we need to know about steel structure concept and related knowledge.

Concept of steel structure

Steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials, which is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of beam steel, steel column, steel truss and other components made of section steel and steel plate. Silanization, pure manganese phosphating, washing and drying, galvanizing and other anti-rust technologies are adopted. Welds, bolts or rivets are usually used to connect components or components. Steel Pipe Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large-scale factory buildings, venues, super high-rise and other fields.

Advantages about steel and steel structure

Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good overall stiffness and strong deformation capacity, so it is particularly suitable for building large-span, super-high and super-heavy buildings; good homogeneity (uniformity) and isotropy of materials, which belong to ideal elastomer, most in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics; good plasticity and toughness of materials, which can have large deformation and can well withstand dynamic loads; It has a high degree of industrialization and can carry out specialized production with a high degree of mechanization.

High strength steel should be studied in steel structure to greatly improve its yield point strength. In addition, new types of steel such as H-shaped steel, T-shaped steel and profiled steel sheets, should be rolled to meet the needs of large-span structures and super high-rise buildings.

Splendid Asia(I)

Asia includes so many countries such as China, Korea, Japan, India and so on. Certainly, in Asia there are also many religions and it is the Birthplace of these religions such as Buddism, Taoism, Muslim, and so on. Today, reading the post is good way to help you to know splendid Asia very well.tin plate suppliers

Brief of Asia

Asia (etymology: ancient Greek: Ασία; Latin: Asia), once translated as “Asia Minor”, is the largest and most populous continent of the seven continents. It covers 8.7% of the total earth area (or 29.4% of the total land area). The total population is about 4 billion, accounting for about 60.5% of the world’s total population (2010).

The vast majority of Asia is located in the northern and Eastern hemispheres. The boundary between Asia and Africa is the Suez Canal. East of the Suez Canal lies Asia. The dividing lines between Asia and Europe are the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian Sea, the Great Caucasus Mountains, the Turkish Strait and the Black Sea. East of the Ural Mountains and south of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Caspian Sea and Black Sea are Asia.

The Chief Financial Officer In Huawei(I)

Recently, so many global news are worth to focused by us, meanwhile related news to the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei have been more fiery. So let us deeply know about this business event right now.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

CFO of Huawei

Canadian Justice Department spokesman Ian McLeod said that Meng Wanzhou, also known as Sabrina Meng and Kathy Meng, was arrested in Vancouver on December 1. Actually Kathy Meng is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Huawei, Chinese tech giant.

More Doubtful Points

Problem 1, The Canadian government already known long ago

According to the Canadian leader himself, he was aware of the action ahead of time, but he did not talk to the Chinese side. Instead, he allowed such bad events to happen. According to the information disclosed by the media, the U.S. and French courts issued an arrest warrant as early as August 22, when they learned that Ms. Meng would go to Mexico and change planes in Vancouver, the U.S. informed the Canadian side that the Canadian police suddenly took action at the airport.