Picture Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (AMTS 2021 Booth No. W3-C02) is a worldwide expert in the turn of events, creation and utilization of air and water filtration. The business gathering’s answers help to work on the proficiency of clients’ modern cycles, save assets, secure human wellbeing and the climate, and in this way upgrade the personal satisfaction.

At AMTS 2021, Freudenberg Filtration Technology will show its modern covering filtration arrangements addressed by the zeolite pre-filtration framework and spotlight on filtration items, for example, edrizzi® paint fog partition cartridges and Drypleat dry residue expulsion boards.

Moving right along, we should investigate!

01、Zeolite rotor pre-filtration framework

In the current car producing industry, the activity of industrial filter plate the zeolite rotor is straightforwardly connected with the last treatment impact of VOCs, and the substitution of the zeolite rotor has turned into a significant cost in the day by day activity of many paint shops.

Freudenberg has presented the “multi-stage filtration idea”, which considers the size of the paint shop, the sort of paint, the moistness of the approaching air, the fan plan and different elements to make a “more appropriate” zeolite rotor pre-filtration framework answer for the administrator, guaranteeing the dependable activity of all degrees of channels in the framework, giving constant assurance to the zeolite rotor and fundamentally broadening its administration life.

Freudenberg zeolite pre-filtration frameworks have been demonstrated in excess of 50 zeolite rotors in car paint shops cross country. The utilization of Freudenberg zeolite pre-filtration frameworks has demonstrated to decrease the centralization of particles before the rotor by 60% contrasted with tantamount items available and has altogether broadened the help life of both the zeolite rotor and the framework channel!

  1. edrizzi® paint fog cartridges


  • A creative, protected and exceptionally proficient paint fog partition item with brilliant monetary and natural execution contrasted with conventional wet paint fog catch processes.
  • It is utilized in little paint shower stalls, in new development projects for enormous mechanized splashing lines and in retrofit undertakings of customary wet paint fog assortment frameworks, for example, water shades and venturi.
  • Normal paint catch rate: 90%-97% Average paint limit: 15kg-25kg
  • DIN4102-1 fire resistant and ATEX blast resistant for safe creation.

03、Drypleat dry residue authority


  • Exceptionally produced for the EcoDryScrubber framework to supplant the as of now utilized dry residue boards, for example, sintered cylinders, sintered plates and non-woven channel plates.
  • The item is ATEX guaranteed for blast insurance; it has breezed through the shrinkage assessment at the Volkswagen base camp in Germany.
  • Low starting and long haul working opposition, with energy investment funds of approx. half and packed air reserve funds of 30% contrasted with sintered channel plates.
  • Worldwide advancement, innovative channel media covered with nanofibres.
  1. Viledon ® filterCair administration module

Proficient and smooth cycles require exact arrangements. With the viledon® fitercair modules, we offer you a more thorough and precise assistance. With an adaptable blend of administration modules, we can be nearer to your genuine requirements.

The viledon® filtration specialists will investigate your present circumstance, recognize explicit streamlining possibilities and give you designated proposals. What’s more, you will get a tailor-made estimation investigation report that incorporates all suggestions for development and meets the important review prerequisites.