Sports has Integrated into Children’s Life

In recent years, as people increasingly recognize the significance of sports for the growth of children, family sports have become a trend. In the process of injecting sports genes into the growth of children and shaping a healthy and civilized lifestyle, schools, families, and society are indispensable. The school continues to enrich the form of family sports operations, parents create a good family sports atmosphere, coupled with the participation of many social forces, the future sports can be better integrated into the children’s life. Every day, 300 skipping ropes, 15 minutes of running, and 5 minutes of sitting body flexion – this is the homework assigned by the Beijing Experimental School (Haidian) Primary School to first-year students, and requires parents to make daily records and supervise the completion.tin plate suppliers

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The school is the first link in the arrangement of home sports. In order to make family sports work truly integrate into the students’ after-school life and help them gradually find their favorite sports, in addition to the regular student physical health monitoring program, some schools have also innovated the content of family sports.

During the winter vacation, Beijing Shijia Education Group’s campuses arrange for students to experience at least one family sporting activity on ice or snow. ”Let students record the feelings of sports in the form of diaries, photos or videos, and show them in class after school.” Dubebe, a sports teacher of the education group, said, ”More than 300 people skied when the school ski team recruited members last semester. Steel Pipe Suppliers The registration of sports-based students is beyond our expectation. At present, we are negotiating with third-party companies. The next semester will organize the whole school to experience the snow and ice sports.” In April last year, the education group compiled and published the ”Children’s Health Promotion” training every day. The manual not only tells the children “why do we exercise,” but also prepares “must read” articles for parents. It integrates the contents of homework and physical education, and explores a relatively complete set of work placement, monitoring and evaluation systems.

In addition, organizing sports competitions on campus can also motivate students to complete their sports work. Qi Chao, head of the Physical Education Teaching and Research Section of the Beijing Experimental School (Haidian) Primary School, said: ”The school organizes a skipping competition every March. Students will actively practice before the competition. The actual amount of exercise per day far exceeds 300 of the homework. Active exercise will work better.”

Physical activity is an extension of the classroom and more time is spent after class. Outside the school, it is the responsibility of parents to strengthen education guidance, urge children to exercise, and cultivate sports interest. In addition to the school’s home sports assignments, some parents will also increase the content and time of physical exercise for their children. Ms. Hou from Beijing reported extracurricular swimming classes and taekwondo classes to her first-grade son. The swimming class was held three times a week for 90 minutes, and the training volume was close to 2,500 meters.

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