Splendid Asia(I)

Asia includes so many countries such as China, Korea, Japan, India and so on. Certainly, in Asia there are also many religions and it is the Birthplace of these religions such as Buddism, Taoism, Muslim, and so on. Today, reading the post is good way to help you to know splendid Asia very well.tin plate suppliers

Brief of Asia

Asia (etymology: ancient Greek: Ασία; Latin: Asia), once translated as “Asia Minor”, is the largest and most populous continent of the seven continents. It covers 8.7% of the total earth area (or 29.4% of the total land area). The total population is about 4 billion, accounting for about 60.5% of the world’s total population (2010).

The vast majority of Asia is located in the northern and Eastern hemispheres. The boundary between Asia and Africa is the Suez Canal. East of the Suez Canal lies Asia. The dividing lines between Asia and Europe are the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian Sea, the Great Caucasus Mountains, the Turkish Strait and the Black Sea. East of the Ural Mountains and south of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Caspian Sea and Black Sea are Asia.

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