Historical Figure – Christopher Columbus(II)

Life of Christopher Columbus

Columbus never admitted that he had arrived on a continent previously unknown to Europeans, rather than a pre-departure goal – East Indies. He called the inhabitants of the continent “Indians” in Spanish as Indias.tinplate sheets

The tension among Columbus, the Spanish royal family and the administrators of its American colonies led to his arrest in 1500 and the removal of the governorship of the Hispaniola settlement.

Columbus himself believed that his achievements were mainly spreading the glory of Christ. However for native Americans and some human rights activists, Columbus’s arrival meant the beginning of a barbaric and brutal massacre of native Americans. Till now Christopher Columbus is regarded as a spiritual symbol of fearless exploration of the unknown in most parts of the world today.

Columbus is Italian, since young he loved and addicted into voyage. In fact, in 1491, nobody would believe the earth is flat at that time, after that as rumor that Columbus begun to voyage because of his proof of round earth, but this statement was wrong. On the one hand, the theory of earth circle theory is not yet complete, many people do not believe that Columbus as a cheater and swindler. On the other hand, the demand for Oriental material wealth in Western countries at that time included not only traditional silk, porcelain and tea, but also high-profit spice trade in Asia.

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