The First Anniversary of Hawking’s Death: He Answered These Problems During His Lifetime (II)

Through my research, I am extremely honored to contribute to the understanding of the universe. But if there is no one in the universe that I love and loves me, it will indeed be an empty universe. Without them,galvanized steel tubing suppliers all its miracles are meaningless to me.

At the end of all of this, our human being, as a collection of fundamental particles of nature, has been able to understand the laws that govern us and our universe. This is a great victory. I want to share my excitement about these major issues and my enthusiasm for this exploration. One day, I hope we can know the answers to all these questions. But there are other challenges that must answer other major issues on the planet. These also require a new generation of interest and participation, and they also have to understand science. How will we feed a growing population? How to provide clean water, generate renewable energy, prevent and cure diseases, and mitigate global climate change? I hope that science and technology can answer these questions, but people, people with knowledge and understanding, will implement these solutions. Let us fight for every woman and man, in order to make them healthy, safe, and full of opportunities and love. We are all-time travelers, let us step into the future together. Let us work together to make this future a place we want to visit.square steel tubing for sale Be brave, curious, determined, and overcome difficulties. We can do it.

Is the god really exist?

Stephen Hawking: Science is increasingly answering questions that were once in the realm of religion. Religion is an early attempt to answer the questions we all ask: Why are we here, where are we from? A long time ago, the answer was almost the same: the gods created everything. The world is a terrible place, so even a tough person like the Vikings believes in the supernatural existence, thereby understanding natural phenomena such as lightning, storms, eclipses, and eclipses. steel coil manufacturers Today, science provides more consistent answers, but people always rely on religion because it gives comfort, and they don’t trust or understand science.

A few years ago, The Times published an article on the front page titled: “Hawking said: God did not create the universe.” The article is accompanied by illustrations. The image of God is taken from a painting by Michelangelo and appears to have the power of thunder. They printed a photo that I looked quite self-satisfied. They make us look like we are having a duel. But I don’t complain about God. I don’t want to leave such an impression. It seems that my research is about proving or refuting the existence of God. My research is to find a rational framework for understanding the universe around us. From several centuries, people think the disabled like me is live under the God’s damn, but I think everything can be explained by the law of nature. If you like, you can say the law is god’s masterpiece, this is a definition to God but not can prove its exist.