Why is fetal education important?(II)

Prenatal education in a narrow sense

It refers to according to the actual situation of the development of fetal sensory organs, actively and actively give appropriate and reasonable information stimulation, so that the fetus can establish conditioned reflex, and then promote the maturity of its brain function, somatic motor function, sensory function and nervous system function. In other words, fetal education in a narrow sense is to scientifically provide visual, auditory and tactile education, such as music, dialogue, beating and touching, at all times of fetal development, so as to continuously proliferate fetal brain neurons, rationally develop and train the functions of nervous system and organs,square steel tubing  so as to maximize the intellectual potential of the fetus and achieve the goal of improving human factors. Qualitative purpose. In this sense, the narrow sense of fetal education can also be called “direct fetal education”.

Correct understand about antenatal training

So fetal education is a practical and concrete measure combining clinical eugenics with environmental eugenics.


It used to be wrong to think that a fetus would lie quietly in its mother’s womb and sleep until delivery.


Modern medical research believes that the fetus has a weird potential ability, and the implementation of fetal education to develop this ability has attracted more and more attention. The fetus has complex physiological reflex function from the 5th week, and has formed sensory and tactile function at the 10th week. At about 17 weeks, the fetus begins to respond to sound. At 30 weeks, he / she has auditory, taste, olfactory and visual functions. fetus can hear the mother’s heartbeat and external voice.