Some Economic Laws You Must Know(II)

Washington Company Law

Washington Company Law means that one person is perfunctory, two people are mutually making excuses, and three people together are never successful. It shows that cooperation between people is not a simple addition of human resources, but a much more complex and subtle here

Washington Company Law affects group relations and reduces organizational effectiveness. To break the Washington Company Law: we must clarify the division of labor among members and implement their responsibilities in order to reduce the ‘bystander effect’; adopt incentive mechanism and implement target management to avoid social inertia; pay attention to quality structure and organizational communication to reduce internal friction.2.5 inch stainless steel pipe

A zero-sum game

Zero-sum game refers to a game in which the player wins or loses. One side wins and the other loses. The total score of the game is always zero. The reason why Zero-sum game principle is widely concerned, is that people can find a situation similar to “zero-sum game” in all aspects of society. Behind the glory of the winners, the bitterness of the losers often is hidden.

In the actual trend of financial market operation, the whole process of ‘ideal zero-sum game’ is close to a semi-circle. Of course, the so-called semi-circle is related to the numerical unit of coordinates formulated by the observer. If the time unit is compressed substantially, the semi-circle looks like a parabola; if the time unit is expanded substantially, the route looks like a flat arc.

‘Ideal zero-sum game’, from the perspective of the evolution of financial trends, will eventually constitute the core factor. Researchers of chaotic economics have been hoping to find the “chaotic factor” that dominates the fate of the world in the securities market. In fact, the “chaotic factor” of all financial markets is such an ideal zero-sum game semi-circle.