The Chief Financial Officer In Huawei(I)

Recently, so many global news are worth to focused by us, meanwhile related news to the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei have been more fiery. So let us deeply know about this business event right now.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

CFO of Huawei

Canadian Justice Department spokesman Ian McLeod said that Meng Wanzhou, also known as Sabrina Meng and Kathy Meng, was arrested in Vancouver on December 1. Actually Kathy Meng is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Huawei, Chinese tech giant.

More Doubtful Points

Problem 1, The Canadian government already known long ago

According to the Canadian leader himself, he was aware of the action ahead of time, but he did not talk to the Chinese side. Instead, he allowed such bad events to happen. According to the information disclosed by the media, the U.S. and French courts issued an arrest warrant as early as August 22, when they learned that Ms. Meng would go to Mexico and change planes in Vancouver, the U.S. informed the Canadian side that the Canadian police suddenly took action at the airport.