Hong Kong Temple Street(II)

In addition, Temple Street also has many booths selling special snacks, for example, seafood, cooked rice and various kinds of pasta and so on. The price is not expensive, and the standard is quite good. It is also welcomed by local residents and even foreign tourists.

Temple Street is not long, but it is crowded enough for you to walk for a long time during the holidays. If you are tired of walking, you might as well go into a dessert shop and have a bowl of mung bean paste to dispel about the summer heat. At the end of the temple street, there are several big stalls and booths. They can sit down and eat seafood, or taste Indian flavor, or simply stand by the roadside and chew on a bunch of pure beef balls, fish eggs and so on.Steel Tube Manufacturers

Tin Hou Temple is located in Yau Ma Tei, dividing the Temple Street into two parts.

Depending on the south wall of the temple, it is relatively quiet and almost the stalls for fortune-telling and phase-viewing have occupied whole street near to south wall of the temple. One by one, the all of vendors look like supernatural being attachment. Some people really sat down and asked about their future. Some young men and women came to ask about their marriage. Certainly, I am only interested in this action, but not really trust them.

If you come early, you may as well walk to the east, where there are a group of Cantonese opera fans, playing and singing, to present you with a authentic Cantonese tune.